ICR Studio Architectural design The e-house: affordable, modern and ecological housing plans

What is ehouse?

ehouse® combines visionary design with practical construction methods to create smart, high-quality homes that are more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than standard 'planbook' products.

The 'e' stands for much more than the environmental and ecological superiority of ehouse®. 'e' means everything that's important in a well-designed and constructed home:

  • Ecological
  • Environmental
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • Enduring
  • Energy
  • Elegant
  • Excellence

It's these qualities that mean our sustainable, eco homes aren't haphazardly built from second-hand demolition materials. They're designed and built with finesse – contemporary, elegant and not just for the 'greenies'. The ehouse will be cheaper to run, healthier and more comfortable for many years to come.

We're passionate about giving people the chance to choose a more economical, comfortable, and healthier home that will have a lower impact on the environment.