ICR Studio Architectural design The e-house: affordable, modern and ecological housing plans

Why ehouse?

The majority of New Zealand homes work against the climate, rather than with it. They’re energy inefficient, drafty, damp, too cold or too hot and comparatively expensive to run. Most homes also use far more water than necessary, and can be made of materials that damage our health and the environment.

The design of these homes are simply a hangover from a time when we knew less about how to use our resources more wisely. ehouse® has made a few simple changes to this out-dated design for a home that saves energy, water and money, while still being more enjoyable and comfortable.

Implementing the better design of an ehouse isn’t necessarily more expensive, and any up-front investment will more than be repaid in the energy savings throughout the life of the home and its increase in value.

ehouse® is all about sustainable, eco design that doesn’t sacrifice creature comforts or good looks to save the earth. That’s the point of good design – it finds the optimum balance between comfort, efficiency and elegant construction to create a home that is more comfortable, more efficient, better on the environment and still looks beautiful.

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